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November 2014 Web Highlights

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Buzz Aldrin On Exploring
Mica To Greenland
Between Snow And Stars
Iceberg Climbing
River Of Eden
Uncommon Valor: Kyle Carpenter
Paddle For The North
F-35 Makes First Landing On Carrier
Injured Marine Dreams Of Starting A Gym
First-Ever Free Solo Ascent of Heaven Route in Yosemite
F-16 Pilot's First Combat Flight in Afghanistan
Female One-Armed Weightlifter Deadlifts Over 200 Pounds
The Long Haul
Arizona Trail Race
Beckham Makes Catch Of The Year
How Beckham Practiced To Make Greatest NFL Catch Ever
Marcus Luttrell Speech
Wide Crack Climbing
Perils Of Too Little Sleep
Western Time
BentProp Project: No One Left Behind
60 Minutes: BentProp Project
Before The Ironman World Championships
Sufferfest 2
Facing Off With Sharks
Attention To Detail
Top 10 Real Life Survival Movies
Under Armour CEO Recalls Humble Origins
Last Of The DogFighters
Steep Skiing
The Blood Stripe
Wolves At The Door
Iraq Veteran Shares His Climbing Story
How Does A Control Freak Cope With An Uncontrollable Challenge?
In Pursuit Of Silence
Sage Canaday
Ancient Manhood Test
The Last Patrol
Kayaking A Waterfall
GORUCK Selection 002
Always Above Us
Apollo 11 Launch
Apollo 11 Landing

Dog Follows Athletes Through Mud and Water, And Melts Hearts
The Brain Basis Of Extraordinary Feats of Will
That Devil On Your Shoulder Likes To Sleep In
The Calculus Of Climbing At The Edge
College Football's Coaching Nun
Casting Away Spears
7 Habits Of People With Mental Toughness
Runner Coming Back From Near Death After Snakebite
How To Build Mental Muscle
Grit: The Critical Skill
Your Brain Performs Better When It Slows Down
10 Great Privileges To Be Thankful For
Shackleton and The Voyage Of The James Caird
Simplify Your Life
A Novice's Journey With Anxiety
What Is CrossFit Endurance?
How Does CrossFit Endurance Help Runners?
A New Way To Train
Grit and Character Still Matter
100 Things Challenge
25 Greatest Running Movies
10 Biggest Fitness Myths
The Stoic Reading List
What Is A Warrior
Group vs. Solo
The Art Of Running Solo
Risks You Won't Regret Taking
"My Very Dear Wife"
Can We Teach Grit?
Can Perseverance Be Taught?
How I Found My Grit and Now Pass It On To Others
History Of "Going Maverick"
Dare To Be Someone Special Part 8
November Project
10 Signs Those Around You are Toxic
When Your Plate Is Too Full
20 Book Recommendations
Grenades, Gunshots And Grit
How To Be 10% Happier
Legends: Steve Prefontaine
Wounded Warrior Project
When Your Body Is Tired, Let Your Mind Do The Work
Vet's Prosthetic Invention
Five Teachers On What Makes a Great Teacher
What Do Homeless Vets Look Like?
Churchill Stands Alone
Run Your First Ultra
10 Life Lessons From McRaven
How To Detect BS
Fear...and The Warrior
Four Tips For Surviving Most Painful Situations
Gratitude And Grit
Let It Go
Coaching's Burdens Are Heavy
Why Curiosity Helps Us Learn
Widow Realizes Dream Of Warrior Retreat
92 Year-Old Sets World Record
Adding Tools To Your Mental Toolbox
Hero Of Gettysburg
Daily Routines Of Famous Creatives
What Business Leaders Can Learn From The Marines
The Science Of Sleep
Military Dogs Sniff Out IEDs
How Asking For Help Actually Helps You
Boxing's Oldest Champion


Fearless by Eric Blehm

The force of nature humbles all men. 

October 2014 Web Highlights

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In Case You Missed It



Wilderness Is a Necessity of The Human Spirit
Stunning Views of Olympic National Park
The Real-Life Horse Whisperer
The Ingenuous Choice
The Calling: A Life Rocked By Mountains
Last Lap - 1964 Tokyo Olympics
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
North Face: Your Land
In the High Country
Aboard the U.S.S. George H.W. Bush
A Breast Cancer Journey
Chinese Police Officer Sets Plank World Record
"American Sniper" (Trailer)
Montana Trail Miles
RuckEndure: Season Finale
History of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Part 1)
The Small Moments That Make Champions
Paralyzed Green Beret Perseveres
30,000 Feet HALO Jump
Climbing With No Ropes
Alex Honnold (Climber's Cut)
Kokoro 35
GORUCK Selection
GORUCK Selection Weeds Out The Best
GORUCK Selection 1/84 Pass Rate
Stanford's Dweck on Growth Mindset
A Parachuting Family
What we do in life echoes in eternity
Steepest Running Race in Europe
Remembering Black Hawk Down
First Female Rock Climbing Ascent
Navy's Best Kept Secret
Kayaking Over 70 Ft. Waterfall
World Record Highest Skydive
Slow Motion Surfing
88 Year Old Still Skiing
Naval Aviation
New Zealand Tribal Haka
Unbroken (Trailer)

Malala Shares Nobel Peace Prize
Deep Down Dark
Runner Breaks Leg in Three Places, Finishes
Grit Trump Talent and IQ
What If Age Is Nothing But a Mindset
An Antifragile Way of Life
John Colter's 250 Mile Ultramarathon - in 1808
The Lies Your Mind Tells You To Prevent Life Changes
What It Means to be A Military Man
Leveraging Adversity
Create Lasting Success
The 10 Golden Rules of Argument
Exercise rids the body of amino acid associated with depression
After Man Collapses, Firefighters Finish His Yard Work
Double Amputee Completes Ironman 70.3
What is Honor?
Improve Your Mile Run Time
Eight Superhuman Soldiers
A Veteran of SEAL Team SIX Describes his Training
How Exercise Protect Brain From Depression
Weights Before Cardio?
10 Tips to Increase Mental Toughness
Delta Force Operators Randall Shughart and Gary Gordon
Unbeatable Mind: Environments of Excellence
With No Legs And Only One Hand
A Shelter Female Veterans Can Call Their Own
Sustained Willpower Requires Steady Glucose
Seven Steps to Help Pass Special Forces Selection
Tips to Speed Up the Decluttering Process
The Science of Fear And How To Thrive With It
The Science of Self-Talk
What Separates Rangers From Everyone Else?
To Race Well, You've Got To Train Your Brain
Eight Ways To Feel More Confident
Sky Running Queen
Successful Bedtime Habits
Being Smart Is Not Enough
GORUCK Lessons Learned
Don't accept these 10 phrases
Nine Books Steve Jobs Thought Everybody Should Read
11 Best Sports Books
A Brief Guide to Overcoming Instant Gratification
The Fascination With Extreme Fitness
Grit: Your Secret Success Strategy
Nine Lies That Keep Us Overwhelmed
Carlos Hathcock
Track Star Grinds Out a Bumpy Transition
Service Dogs
Mindful Commuters
Recover Like You Mean It
Negativity, Complaining Bad For Brain
Stoke Your Inner Vision
How to run your first 50-miler
Dare To Be Special, Part 6
Where Americans Turned The Tide in WWI
A Free Dive in Japan
Why Fear Makes You a Batter Leader
Lessons Learned in the Jungle
After 80, Some Do Not Retire, They Reign
Quebec Backcountry
Unusual Books That Shaped Billionaires, Authors and Prodigies
Leading From Behind
The Operator Grip

Learning To Breathe Fire: The Rise Of CrossFit And The Primal Future Of Fitness by J.C. Herz

What seems hard now will one day be your warm-up

September 2014 Web Highlights

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In Case You Missed It


Finding Freedom In The Outdoors
Exploring an Exploding Volcano
First Space Jump, 1960
Brakeless Bike Race
"Tracks" Trailer (1,700 Miles)
Surfing Through Malibu Pier
The Other Hours
Trikos Dogs
Cape Fear
Nyad's 2013 Swim From Cuba to Florida (Arrival)
The Wilderness Act Turns 50
Training With Climber Alex Honnold
Mongoose Fends Off Four Lions
The Bridge On The River Kwai
Overcoming Obesity Through Rock Climbing
Joe Jackson, Medal of Honor
The Psyche of the Warrior
Ultramarathoner Timothy Olson
Sleep Deprivation
"God Get Me Home"
Green Beret talks about hope, perseverance, and serving others
The Winning Wave - Tahiti
Climbing An Impossible Arch
An Emotional President Bestows Medal of Honor on Michael Monsoor
Rise and Swim
"Trooper" Trailer
Woman, 52, Battles Carjacker, And Wins
Crossing the Most Unforgiving Desert on Earth
Grit is the Best Way to Get There
Surf Survival Camp
Blind Adventurers
Inside the World of Longsword Fighting
Bennie Adkins Medal of Honor Ceremony
SEALFIT 20X Documentary
How to Be Creative


Harvard Business Review:  Nine Things Successful People Do Differently
Volcano Photos
Rewild Your Child
Learning How to Exert Self-Control
Unleash Your Inner Grit
Bernie Adkins to be Awarded Medal Of Honor
Bennie Adkins Receives Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor Awarded to Two Vietnam-Era Soldiers
The Mental Virtues
Seahawks Coach Looks For Grit
Nyad's 2013 Swim From Cuba to Florida
The Tunnel Rats
Reflections on a First 100-Miler
Stanford Scholar Finds Breathing-Based Meditation Reduces PTSD
Para-climbing on the Rise
No More 135 Mile Summer Ultramarathons in Death Valley
Medal of Honor For Civil War Hero 150 Years Later
How Helicopter Parents Are Ruining Students
How Mental Toughness Gives Athletes The Edge
F Student Alone Since 15 Turns It Around
104 Mile Trail Champ - How She Did It
Fastest Known Time Hiking Mexico to Canada
Blue Light From Electronics Disturbs Sleep
20 Anti-Procrastination Tips
Serena Williams Wins 18th Grand Slam Title
The Hidden Path
Stop Doing These 10 Things to be Productive
5 Characteristics of Grit - How Many Do You Have
Dare to be Someone Special, Part II
26 Qualities to Strive For, And The People Who Embody Them
Anniversary of the Battle of Marathon
17 Simple Habits
It Takes a Mentor
The Women of West Point
Cowboys of Colorado
What Neuroscience Tells Us About Getting Organized
77 Year-old Volunteers
The Power of the Mind
A Monument to Disabled Veterans
College to Teach Pupils Grit
Trail Running Shoes Review
Remembering Michael Monsoor
The Woman Who Walked 10,000 Miles
Mike Sears - Silver Star
SEALFIT Blog Part 4: Stoke Your Inner Vision
World Marathon Record Broken
A Survivor Still Surfing
A Story of Survival - 5 Sisters Escape ISIS
Stress Release Tactics SEALs Swear By
Rob Krar Completes Ultrarunning Triple Crown
Mind Games: Utilizing Your Most Important Training Tool
Why Mental Practice Matters
5 Books That Will Change Your Life
True Grit: How to Find Your Best Sales People
5 Things Never to Say at BUD/S
Post-Traumatic Growth
What Doesn't Kill Us
Best Predictor of Aging
Sumo Wrestling in America
Battling The King Fire
Campaign to Stamp Out Homelessness Among Military Veterans
What Quality is the Most Important for Success?
1,700 Mile Journey Across Outback (Photos)
Cracking the Athlete's Brain
Mindfulness for Athletes
Grit and the Growth Mindset
One Mile Races Making a Comeback
Sit Less, Live Longer
Mastering the "O.O.D.A. Loop" to Deal With Uncertainty
Mel Sliwka on Kokoro 29
How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football


Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons by Bryon Powell

You don't get what you wish for, you get what you work for.

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