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Alexander Hamilton

gritfire hamiltonAlexander Hamilton was born out of wedlock in 1757 in Nevis, British West Indies. Soon after birth, his mother and father moved with the young Hamilton to St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. Hamilton's father abandoned the family shortly thereafter.

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Sacagawea was a Shoshone woman raised in present day Idaho. In 1800, when she was about twelve, she and several other girls were kidnapped by a group of Hidatsa after a battle, and taken to a Hidatsa village near present-day North Dakota.

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John Colter

colter postJohn Colter was a member of the famous Lewis & Clark expedition. However, he is legendary for what is known as "Colter's Run."

In 1808, after surviving the Lewis & Clark expedition, Colter and trapper John Potts were in their canoes in a creek near what is now Three Forks, Montana when they were suddenly surrounded by 600 Blackfoot Indians.

Rather than fight, Colter submitted to demands to be taken prisoner. He was taken ashore, disarmed, and stripped naked.

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Harriet Tubman

harriet tubman sepiaHarriet Tubman, a slave, was born about 1820 in the small village of Bucktown, Maryland.

Very early in her life Tubman witnessed the inhumanities of slavery. By age six, she had already personally endured hard labor, whippings, scars and beatings.

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